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Team Building and More!

We're Flexible

Pick your day and time for your corporate team building paintball event.

Any time of the week. Need an early start on a Monday? 7am? No problem. Want a 4pm (or 5pm start in the summer)?, let us know. Most corporate groups choose our Silver package which includes 400 paintballs for each player. Rates are $34.50 per player with a 15 person minimum. If you have fewer players, this is not a problem, you will get all the extra paintballs based on 15 players.

Advantages of Paintball Team Building

Advantages of Paintball Team Building
Paintball is a team game where everyone is equal. Paintball allows for collaboration, problem solving, and communication outside the constraints of the work environment.
Drop Zone has hosted groups from major corporations in the region, to restaurant and bar crews.

Keys to success

Reward your team today! Teams that are appreciated perform better.

Everyone can play

Paintball is a level playing field. Want a lighter gear and lower impact option? Choose low impact paintball. We recommend it!

Get out of the Office!

Everyone deserves a break for hard work

Cater in Food

Many groups will cater or bring food with them. You have full use of all our picnic areas. Feel free to bring whatever food you would like (but sorry, no alcohol).