Free Paintball Pass

After you complete your online waiver and check in at our park, we will send you a free paintball return pass good for 14 days. The pass is good for Entry, Gun, Tank, Air. Passes are good for any day we are open for normal play. They cannot be used for private events on off hours.


Just our way of saying Thanks!

It is easy to use the free pass. If it’s just you, simply come in during our normal open hours and show the pass on your phone, or printed off. If you want to book in a group of people, and they do not all have free passes, just add a note to the reservation. For example, let’s assume you have 2 people with free passes, but have 6 friends you want to bring that don’t. Simply book the 6 person package, and in the notes put Plus 2 Free Passes. That’s all there is to it!

As stated on the email, free passes are only good until the day printed on the email (14 days from when you played) and cannot be transferred to other individuals. They are only valid for the person named on the pass.