Paintball Birthday Parties Are Easy!

How does a paintball party work?

There are really two options:

1. Scenario Birthday Parties (8-13 year olds)

Our scenario birthday party is a special game just for the younger player (older guests can play with the young ones, but the play strictly for the enjoyment of the younger players). This birthday adventure is two hours of play, approximately 5 games, with low impact paintball gear. The result of each game determines what happens the next game. It takes a minimum of 6 players for this party reservation and you may be playing with other birthday kids. These games start at 11am every Saturday and Sunday.

2. Open Play Birthday Parties

Open play birthday parties are with standard paintball markers (paintball guns) and playing with other small groups and individuals. We have both morning and afternoon sessions for our open play.

Both Options Include:

Paintball markers, air tanks with unlimited air fills, safety goggles, and padded chest protectors (they cover the back too). There are options for how many paintballs come with each party package.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can we bring Cake? Food? Pizza? Drinks?

YES!!! Bring whatever you like (except alcohol). We have free water for drinking as well as beverages for sale including bottled water, soda, and gatoraid.
Bring your cooler and party favors! Want to make it a picnic? We have portable grills for cooking. Just bring charcoal (and something to cook).

Do I need to reserve a table?

Let us know if you have any special requests, but we have plenty of tables available. Our table are standard picnic tables in shaded areas. We can move two of them together if you need more space.

How long do paintball parties last?

You can choose how long you stay, but typically your party is about 3 hours. Scenario birthday parties will be about 2 hours play with short breaks, followed by party time. Regular play is about 3 hours, but you may take a break in the middle if you want. A few parties will show up early and eat first, but most wait until after they have played.

What is the minimum age?

For age of both boys and girls, we recommend 8 as the minimum age. It is possible to play as young as 6, but we need to make sure the goggles can stay on the head of the smaller players.