Overview - Rules for all Parties

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Make an online reservation. This is easy on Desktop, Tablet, or Smart Phone.

Start with the number of player. If you’re not sure, select the number of players you are certain will attend; you can always add more later.

Pick a package, fill out the form, and pay for your reservation. If you need to cancel or refund later, don’t worry. Our cancel process is pretty easy.

Arrive by your Reserved time.(or show up a little early if you need time to get organized)

When your group arrives, we will make sure everyone has filled out release waivers and conduct a game briefing with your referee. We’ll hand out all the gear and head down for your first set of games.

Yes, you can watch the games safety behind the netting, cheering on the kids (just don’t give away their position if they are being sneaky). All fields have spectator areas. If you wish to watch at the outer fields, you will need to wear goggles (we provide) when walking between fields.

We have tables both next to the fields (players will use these between games, and tables in quite shaded areas. You can use tables in either area for your parties. Feel free to decorate and cover the tables as you wish.
Players are grouped by ages in the open play group. Often, older players will mentor the younger players if they want to step up their game. We don’t put the younger players against bachelor parties and newer players will not be shot up by the “pro’s”.

We do allow mixed age groups. Depending on the group, older siblings and parents that are playing will be playing for the enjoyment of the younger players. So yes…..You can play with your kids!

We have bottled water, Soda, and Gatorade. If you want to cook out, we provide portable grills as needed. (just remember to bring charcoal).

You can take a break half way through your outing, or stay after for your celebration and socialization.