Private Paintball Games

A paintball outing for everyone!

We have a few options for your private group.

1.     Just because you signed up for a private party doesn’t mean you must be a private party. You are welcome to play with the open play sessions. No pressure….we won’t ask you to do this, but you can join if you wish.

2.     Even if your group is not private, we separate players by age and experience. We do not put 10 year old players in with a bunch of older players.

3.     Remember the Youth Scenario parties are not private, but are young kid focused games. Adult playing with the kids in these games are playing for the enjoyment of the kids.

4.     Course Rotation: Regular private groups play in rotation on our course. You will have your own referee(s) for the day and can play on all the courses. If you want to play specific courses, let your referee know. Your referee is here to give you a great time.

5.     Minimum Player: Private parties do not have a minimum number of players, but the starting point for private parties is the “up to 15 player group”. If you have less than 15 players, you will still receive all the paintballs and your own referee. Rates start at $369.99 for private groups.

6.     Off Hours: You can book your private party for off hours. Off hours events are 3 hours long and during daylight hours only.

Brought my whole family out, I was amazed at how prepared DropZone was for our 30 player party! Having our own referee was awesome, as it was most of our first times.


We took our youth baseball team out to the park. Being able to play amongst ourselves made this the choice for us.


Low Impact Private party for us, we had a blast battling eachother at dropzone.