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Does Paintball Hurt?

While most hits are not painful, they generally feel like getting snapped by a wet towel and it may hurt if it catches you off guard or depending on the location of the hit.
If you choose the low impact game, it’s more like being snapped by a rubber band. Much less.

What is the Minimum Age?

Strictly speaking, the minimum age for low impact paintball is 6, but the recommend age 8-9. This depends on the size of the kid. While 50 cal paintball is lighter weight, we need to make sure the goggles will fit properly.

Are Reservations Needed?

You can just walk in and play, but if you reserve, you save money and time getting ready at the park. Reservations are fast and easy, and your check-in at the part will be quick too. [link to booking]

What Should We Wear?

The Drop Zone Park is outside. We recommend clothing you would wear while running around in the woods. This includes: shoes with ankle support (so you don’t twist an ankle) and long sleeve clothing (and no shorts). Loose fitting clothing is best to decrease the impact of a paintball. Baseball caps worn backwards work great under the face masks we provide. Please DO NOT put face paint on. It may make you look like a warrior under your mask, but it sticks to the mask foam.

Does the Paint Wash Out?

Yes it does. It actually isn’t paint. These are gelatin balls like a bath oil bead. Inside is a synthetic filler also found in toothpaste and some soda pops. There are some paintballs which use other ingredients that stain, but those are not used at our park.

What if Our Group is Really Small?

Not a problem. Make a reservation so we are ready for you before you arrive and we will match you up with players such that everyone has a great time.

Can I Sign a Waiver For My Brother? NEEDS LINK

Not a problem. Make a reservation so we are ready for you before you arrive and we will match you up with players such that everyone has a great time.

Can We Bring Our Own Food?

Yes! We have picnic tables for you to use. Plan a party, bring whatever you would like (sorry, no alcohol). We even have small portable grills if you want to cookout. Just bring charcoal and burger flippers.

Can We Bring a Cooler and Party Decorations?

Yep, While we have reasonably priced pop, gatorade, and bottled water, you are welcome to bring your own. If you have tablecloths and party decorations, you are welcome to set them up.

How Long Do Parties Last?

We schedule play time for about 2 ½ hours. You are welcome to stay longer while relaxing and socializing.

How Long Does 100 Paintballs Last?

This depends on the player, this can be shot up in one 15 minute game, or it can last a few hours. It depends on how aggressive or wasteful the player is. The best advice is to shoot when you have a target, not just shoot constantly at the bunkers and trees. The average player is using 350-400 in reserved groups and a bit more in the open play sessions.

Can We Bring Our Own Equipment & Paint?

You are welcome to bring your own paintball gear. If you are playing in a 50 cal group, only 50 cal guns are allowed. We reserve the right to disallow gear for safety concerns.

All our group packages are field paint only. These means no outside paint can be brought in.
If you have your own gear, we have a special rate which will allow you to bring your own paintballs. If you want to do this, please note that only PEG fill paintballs are allowed, and no blue or red fill paintballs.