Our Courses

From Castle Battles to Trench Warefare


Is a large paintball park located in a beautiful area of Franklin County. Most of the park is in a creek valley area, forested with large oak trees providing shade while the hillsides block wind. We have 5 courses we regularly play on and several more large areas for true “jungle” like games.


Our scenario style field. A large fort with towers and catwalk is yours to defend, or perhaps it is an imposing obstacle between two opposing teams. Small groups or large groups can play the castle.

Lower Speedball

A quick fast game for up 10 on each side, but ideal for 5-7 per team. Right next to the main netted safety zone, this course can be watched from from two of our break areas.
The Castle

Snipers Plateau

A flat wooded field that is larger than the others. Lots of bunkers and walls dot this 150 yard long course. Ideal for long range shooting.

Bunker Hill

We stripped the bunkers and completely remade this field. Wood bunkers on a flat,lightly wooded area make for a large speed ball type game. 90 yards from base to base.

Dog Leg

Named after the creek that takes a right hand turn through the course. This field several ways to play. A shorter course, played sideways uses about 25% of the dogleg and is two mirrored sides with large plastic hyper-tube bunkers, Dog Leg can be expanded in size with terrain height changes and its full length of over 200 yards, accommodating the largest groups with all players on the field at the same time. A great field for flanking am bigger group tactics.

Air Ball Course

This is a traditional 3 and 5 man team air ball field with inflatable bunkers. This course is set up for special events and competitive team practices. We can also set this up for regular group play for an extra $100 and two days notice. Just give us a call.