Walk On Players

Don’t have a group to play with? No problem.

Walk on at DropZone!

We have dozens of walk on players every Saturday and Sunday.

We normally have two sessions each day, but we are pretty easy about small groups of walk on players playing for longer times.

For walk on play you have a few options:

1. Make a $5 online deposit to reserve paintball gear. The $5 is applied to which ever package you choose on your day of play.

2. Pay the standard $30 entry in advance in you will receive an extra 100 paintballs when you arrive (200 total).

3. Just show up! We always have room for a few more.


Only paintballs purchased at the park can be used in our rental guns.

All open play sessions are using 68 Cal gear.
If you have your own gear, you can use your own paintballs, but the rate is different.

Players with their own gear and own paintballs pay $27 and this does not include paintballs. Air fills are included.